Beyonce dresses as Storm, storms everywhere never the same

Jamie McCarthy/TIDAL

Ciara had a birthday party, and Beyonce showed up, and there was a costume theme, and the theme was superheroes, and Beyonce came as Storm, from X-Men, and the world quietly accepted that Halloween was probably pointless now.


We know all of this because people at the party were posting about it on Twitter. In typical Beyonce fashion, only a few photos appear to have leaked showing her, because Beyonce always ensures there are only one or two official representations of her on every occasion.

There was much excitement about Beyonce's choice of costume and generally world-conquering appearance. This was the reaction of Fusion's resident comics expert Charles Pulliam-Moore:

If we're being honest, this is perhaps not as amazing a costume as when Beyonce went as "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson and dressed Blue Ivy like Michael, but that is possibly because "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson is one of history's most precious gifts.


Here's a reminder of that peerless look.

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