Beyoncé’s country song ‘Daddy Lessons’ just got snubbed by the CMA Awards

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Although many fans hoped that "Daddy Lessons," aka "the country song" by Beyoncé, might lead to the singer's first-ever CMA Award, it's not gonna happen. The Country Music Association released their full list of 2016 CMA Award nominees on Wednesday, Vulture reports, and the polarizing Lemonade track is nowhere to be found.

The song, which nearly cracked the Billboard Hot 100's Top 40 in May, finds Beyoncé dissecting how the faults of the father can manifest themselves in the men we're attracted to—a post-therapy epiphany set to music that's easily one of the greatest explorations of the Electra complex to be found in mainstream music and the second-best daddy anthem of the year, after Anohni's "Watch Me."

Musically, the track draws on country, folk, soul, and other genres made popular by Black American musicians in the 19th and 20th centuries. One could argue that, in doing so, Beyoncé was attempting to reclaim these styles from the Elvis Presleys, Iggy Azaleas, and countless other white entertainers who decontextualized them in the decades that followed, even if her efforts fell on deaf ears throughout many corners of Nashville. (One particularly not good article over at CMT asked, "What's So Country About Beyoncé?") Perhaps not unrelated, the 2016 CMA Award nominees are almost entirely all white.


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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