Beyoncé stole the Super Bowl from Coldplay before it even started

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As you all know by now, Beyoncé released a new song called "Formation" on Saturday. The song was accompanied by a music video which has entranced, moved and stunned the world.

Let's watch the video once more to refresh our memories of it ("lol," you're probably saying right now, "I've been watching it for 15 hours straight my memory needs no refreshing!")

Whew! Just catching our breath. Anyway.

Beyoncé is also reportedly performing "Formation" at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night. Technically, she's a guest performer for the headliners, Coldplay. But the release of "Formation," and its seismic impact, raises an uncomfortable question for the British rockers: what, precisely, are they going to do?


Let's be frank: is anyone really looking forward to seeing Coldplay playing its mostly ignored singles from its most recent album, like "Adventure of a Lifetime"? The world will be sitting there thinking, "When is Beyoncé coming out???"

Sorry, Coldplay. The Super Bowl got stolen from you before it even started.

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