Beyoncé's Grammy performance was mind-blowing and unforgettable

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If you missed Beyoncé’s Grammy’s performance, I’m sorry to inform you that you just missed the biggest most incredible mass acid trip that has ever taken place.


The Queen’s performance of “Love Drought” and “Sand Castles” began with a trippy projection of her pregnant belly while she wore an ornate gold outfit and headress with billowing lengths of fabric (the same shade as that iconic “Hold Up” dress) behind her. With images of her backup dancers suddenly being projected in an insanely haunting and powerful image, the number was evocative of Thai classical dance—up until it got straight up biblical.


Then IRL, non-projected Beyoncé took to the stage in a gold gown and a literal golden halo (with roses), giving us some Last Supper-ass realness. My god.

The performance was flawless as expected and full of out of control east-meets-west Bodhisattva Jesus semiotics that will most likely continue to be deciphered in PhD theses for years to come.

Watch her performance, courtesy of Variety:

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