The statement continued, with what I think is the most important part: “We must follow the evidence to wherever it leads. Doing this the right way is critically important in getting the truth and restoring the American people’s faith in their government.”

The system, thus far, actually has worked as intended. Biden should know; he chaired and was a long-time member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And, impeachment is a part of that system. Biden’s role in the Thomas confirmation process remains a political liability and getting out in front of this new Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations seems like a great way to atone for his lack of actions in the 90s. Especially since expressing regret is the best he can do.

The statement does the bare minimum without calling for any revolutionary or anything that would even cause a ripple. What an apt assessment of his presidential campaign thus far.


Furthermore, while it’s great that Biden remembered the horrific treatment that Christine Blasey Ford suffered as a result of her testimony about Kavanaugh, most of the reporting from The New York Times on Saturday was centered on a different woman: Deborah Ramirez. Would’ve been nice if the long Notes app statement acknowledged her name, too.