Big Week for Jews

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I’m probably not the only Jewish person who looked around this week and thought, “damn, big week for Jews.”

Because boy what a week! Sometimes it seemed like all anyone could talk about was the Jews. Jew this Jew that Jew the other. Donald Trump and the Jews! Israel and the Jews! Israel and Donald Trump and the Jews! Israel and Trump and deranged Christian fundamentalists and the Jews! It was a crazy few days in Jewishland, lemme tell ya. Can’t I Jew out without all this mishegoss??? I just want to eat lox and control the weather in peace.

Personally, I could have done without all the anti-Semitism from the president and the implication that you’re only a good Jew if you pledge unswerving fealty to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, but still—a wild ride!


Will next week be a Big Week for Jews? Stay tuned.