Bill de Blas-Oh-No

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Deeply unpopular New York City mayor and gleeful rodent killer Bill de Blasio is expected to announce he is tossing his hat into crowded Democratic presidential field next week, according to multiple sources who spoke with the New York Daily News on Friday.

If accurate, the Daily News’ report would mean that de Blasio intends to become the 22nd Democrat to insist that he belongs in the White House come 2020

Mike Casca, spokesman for de Blasio’s national Fairness Political Action Committee, artfully dodged an outright denial of the mayor’s plans, telling the Daily News that “no decision” had been officially made.


“Very hard to announce something without a decision,” Casca added. “Nearly impossible, some might say.”

Some—particularly the 76 percent of New Yorkers opposed to a de Blasio run—might also take a look their mayor potentially joining the overpacked clown car of already-declared Democratic candidates and say something like “uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.” Even his friends reportedly think it’s a terrible idea. Not that the overwhelming opposition to a presidential campaign seems to bother de Blasio, who quipped that “I’m glad I could unify the people of New York City” when asked about the abysmal poll numbers earlier this month.

De Blasio has been toying with a 2020 run since at least this past February, when he visited New Hampshire, and staffed up his PAC’s fundraising ability. On Thursday, he admitted that Fairness PAC had been polling Iowa voters, calling it “a pretty straightforward, normal thing to do” when you want to “get an understanding of what people are thinking.” He also said he would announce his final decision on whether or not to run sometime this month.

According to the sources who spoke with the Daily News, that announcement could come as early as this coming Wednesday—the mayor’s birthday.


If elected, de Blasio would be the tallest president in U.S. history. Wow!