Conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly, alleged serial workplace harasser, thought that shocking viral video of an Asian passenger being literally dragged off an overbooked weekend flight, which left his face cut up and bloody, was laugh-out-loud funny.

After playing the clip, which was captured by another passenger on the United flight from Chicago’s O’Hare to Louisville, on his Monday evening Fox News show, O’Reilly burst out laughing.


“I shouldn’t be laughing, but it’s just so bizarre,” the conservative talking head said.

“They had to get some United Airlines personnel from Chicago to Louisville... they had to get them there and so they asked for volunteers, and obviously, this guy didn’t volunteer,” O’Reilly said, still laughing it up, as quoted by Business Insider.

Outrage over the video dominated the internet for much of the day on Monday, which was compounded by the sluggish response from United and local authorities. In an email to employees late Monday, United CEO Oscar Munoz doubled down on blaming the passenger, identified by the Louisville Courier-Journal as David Dao, for the whole fiasco, emphasizing again that Dao refused to leave the plane after being randomly selected to give up his seat.