Billy Bush's Facebook page is being torn apart for his role in that disgusting Donald Trump video

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Everyone is talking about the newly leaked video showing Donald Trump making epically revolting comments about women. The comments add up to make a truly horrific masterpiece of evil.

But let's not forget that Donald Trump had a willing co-conspirator: NBC's very own Billy Bush. The guy laughing at Trump's depraved comments about his own co-host? Billy! The guy saying "Your girl’s hot as shit in the purple"? Billy! The guy creepily demanding that a woman give both him and Trump hugs? That's right: Billy.

When the video was filmed in 2005, Bush was the host of Access Hollywood. Now, he's the newest member of the Today show anchoring crew. Things haven't been going well for him, though. He immediately got shredded by Al Roker for his idiotic Ryan Lochte opinions, and everyone he works with reportedly loathes him and doesn't want to hang out with him. And now comes this way, way bigger problem.


When you're hosting Today, you have to be lovable and nice and, very importantly, not outlandishly disgusting toward women. Billy Bush has now been permanently exposed as none of those things—and people are tearing him to shreds for it.

Just look at his Facebook page. The most recent post shows our buddy Billy making fun comments about bacon. Underneath, though, it's a whole other story. There are roughly a million people chiming in, and all of them are filled with hatred for Billy Bush.


Will Billy survive this? Will he delete his Facebook page like he deleted his Twitter account after his Lochte debacle? Can NBC News really keep him around, now that he managed to infuriate both Al Roker and virtually everyone else on the planet? He sure is trying to stay, having issued a statement saying he is "obviously very sorry and ashamed." Whether that level of supposed sorrow and shame can prevent him from being fired is something we'll know soon enough.