Bird Does Praxis

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Is the cockatoo the most radical bird in the animal kingdom? A new(ish) data point suggests so:


Look at that guy go. As you see in the video, the bird has apparently been at this (political act) for some time—all kinds of anti-bird spikes lay strewn on the ground.

According to someone in the replies, the Australian bird is notorious for its praxis, particularly the direct action that is conning tourists:

Birds—what incredible creatures.

The Guardian, for its part, reported it out: This bird just lives to fuck shit up.

Sean Dooley, the editor of Australian Birdlife magazine, said cockatoos “seem to take great enjoyment” out of doing that sort of damage, “whether it is random vandalism or more strategic damage.”

“They do seem to take great delight in it,” he said. “It’s pretty evident that cockatoos in particular are very intelligent birds and have, within their social structure, have to us what looks like playing.”


Welcome to the resistance, comrade.