Black students say they were racially profiled after getting kicked out of an Apple Store

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Six black students say they were the victims of racial profiling after they were kicked out of an Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia.


In an interview with the ABC, Mohamed Semar said they walked into an Apple Store to check out the new iPhone 6. They left, but later returned.

Upon their return, the Maribyrnong College students were confronted by two security guards, who reportedly asked them to leave. One of the students caught the exchange on video and uploaded the clip to Facebook Tuesday night with the caption, "Simply Racism, made them apologise tho":

"These guys [the security guards] are just a bit worried about your presence in our store," an Apple staff member can be heard saying in the video. "They're just worried you might steal something."


A member of the group then replies: "Why would we steal something?"

The next day, a local city councilman met with the students about the incident and brought them back to the store, where they received an apology from the store manager.

"When we walk into a store with a group of minimum three people, the security watches us — they follow us and that just makes us feel like we're not welcome in the store," student Maboir Ater told the ABC. "They judge us before we can show our character."

An Apple spokesperson told Mashable that the company is investigating the incident.


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