Screen shot of KXLY video (via YouTube)

On Thursday, the parents of NAACP Spokane president Rachel Dolezal told local media that their daughter, who identifies as black, is actually—to borrow a term from my Nana—white as the driven snow.

So, you wanna be black, Rachel? Ok. But Twitter has some questions for you first. For the full list hop over to #AskRachel

1. Make or break, girl.

2. Gonna need proof on this one girl. A cousin, friend, someone:


3. G'ahead girl. And don't say you can only remember ODB—all white people started knowing him after that track with Mariah Carey:

4. Fill in the blanks:

5. How much? And on whose side?

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Collier Meyerson is a reporter at Fusion with a focus on race and politics. She lives in Brooklyn.