Blogger Artistically Evaluates Naked Selfies

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Fusion staffers join Alicia Menendez for her segment Man'Splain, where we take a break from lady things and get a man's perspective.

On Tuesday, the Oxford Dictionary named the word "selfie" as the word of the year. As if the original selfie wasn't egregious enough, many men have perfected the art of penis selfies.

A Tumblr account evaluates penis selfies, not for size, but for style. We spoke with Maddie Collier, the creator of that blog.


Collier created the Tumblr, Critique my Dick Pics (NSFW!), and she gives open and honest appraisals about images sent to her.

A Salon article by Jenni Miller called her writing, "like your best friend, if your best friend was a 26-year-old lawyer living in New Zealand who has, as she put it, "an abiding interest in criminal justice, sex and rap music.”


One of Collier's critiques said "Thank you for including your body, thank you for putting some thought into your pose, thank you for making a modicum of effort to be interesting - it’s paid off. my only qualm is that the background is kinda cluttered, but i’m certainly not shredding points on that basis."

So, what does she think of the images that are sent to her?

"It’s very unusual for me to receive a dick pic now that turns me on personally; if it does, that’s a strong signal to me that I should be dishing out an A grade. The process is extremely clinical. I have to filter through heaps of boring junk from dudes who Still Don’t Get It, and I’m focusing in large part on the technical aspects of the pictures anyway," she told Miller.


But what do men think about her service? We discuss this in detail on the show.

Image: Flickr/Le Roux Belanger

Ignacio Torres is a segment producer for "Alicia Menendez Tonight," a California native, and a proud graduate of the University of California, Davis, and Columbia Journalism School.

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