Bobby Jindal just announced his presidential run with a bizarre creepshot video

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As expected, Bobby Jindal announced that he plans on running for the GOP's nomination in next year's Presidential election. In what is perhaps one of the most…unique announcement videos to be released in recent weeks, Jindal and his wife Supriya sit their children down to tell them that Bobby plans on making a play for the Oval Office. A camera placed overhead films the children, who are apparently unaware they're starring in their father's campaign ad.

Involving one's children in political stunts like this is par for the course, but Jindal's decision to covertly record the conversation using a hidden camera and releasing that footage as an official declaration comes across as a bit…odd.

"We're going to talk to you first and then you can't go tell your friends," Jindal intoned to his family. "You can't go tell anybody at baseball tomorrow. You're going to go tell anybody at soccer tomorrow, right?"

Chances are that everyone at baseball and soccer saw this one coming. And judging from the kids' chill reactions, they weren't too surprised, either.