Boston transit renovation discovers horrifiying old costumes

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There are things in the ground in Boston you just should not dig up.

The Boston Globe reports a Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority construction crew conducting renovations on the city's Government Center Station discovered two spooky outfits that probably have been hidden in the station for decades.


The matching costumes are blue and red, the same shade as the American flag, and covered with white stars, again like the flag. They flow in the shape of a long cloak, with a ghoulish mask where the face should be.


Happy Halloween!

The MTBA says the costumes were found rolled up into a ball in a hollow section of concrete that was poured 60 years ago, meaning the costumes would have been down there since 1955.

This isn't even the first weird discovery since the station was shut down in 2014 as part of an $82 million renovation project. Earlier this month, Boston Magazine reported the MBTA auctioned off a set of murals it uncovered during the dig. No word on if they'll be auctioning off these costumes as well, but if they do, pick up some allergy medicine first. They look dusty.

Even though Halloween is just a few days away, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo insisted this was not a hoax, and sought help from the public in finding out where the rags came from.


"We don’t really have the resources to launch a full investigation into this, but if the garments’ owner comes forward, we’ll be all ears,” Pesaturo told the Globe.

Well, we know as much about these costumes as the next person, but we have a few (unhelpful) ideas of how they got there.

  • After a pitched battle that raged across Southie, the young demon hunter Ted Kennedy defeated the corporeal vessels of the spirit of the American Demise, sealing them within the very stones of the government they sought to corrupt.
  • A couple who had constructed matching outfits for a Halloween walk on the Freedom Trail drunkenly discarded their costumes near a construction site.

When you think about it, anything's possible.

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