Bow down before the insanely stacked cast of the all-female ‘Ocean’s 8’ reboot

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When this morning brought word that the financially troubled Ghostbusters reboot probably won't get a sequel—this, in a world where Son of the MaskDumb and Dumberer (which I saw  in theaters, do not @ me), and not one, not two, but three Alvin and the Chipmunks sequels are real movies that exist—we were sorely disappointed. But praise the goddess, for she answered our prayers, delivering news so good we're still not 100% sure it isn't an elaborate, industry-wide prank.


Ocean's Eight, the upcoming all-female Ocean's 11 spinoff (because women earn 8/11 = 72 cents on the dollar, wake up, sheeple), has a cast. And that cast is unbelievable. In addition to previously signed-on stars Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is "close" to making things official with Anne Hathaway (!), Helena Bonham Carter (!), Mindy Kaling (!!), rapper-turned-Neighbors 2 star Awkwafina (!!!!!), and Rihanna (!!!!!!!!!!!!!*).

This ensemble has four Oscars, five Golden Globes, and eight Grammys among them. (To be fair, all of the Grammys belong to Rihanna, but I'm sure she'd gladly allow any of her costars to pose for photos with them.) The Hollywood Reporter's Boris Kyt suggests the plot may surround a heist at the Met Gala, which, even if it doesn't pan out on-screen, is no doubt a recurring dream I will have for the rest of my life.


Sometimes the universe is just and beautiful and we would like to kiss it on the mouth.


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