Boy pelts girl on bicycle with basketball, inspires 'debate' among awful people


Team girl on bicycle vs. team boy who throws basketball at her, causing her to go tumbling over the handlebars: the great gender politics debate of our age!

A YouTube video uploaded Tuesday with more than 200,000 views shows an unidentified young boy hurling a basketball at a girl riding a bicycle after she rejects his catcall, knocking her to the ground in what looks like a painful crash.

"Hey ladies," the little boy calls to the girls.

"Fuck you," one of the girls replies. And then he throws a basketball at her tires, launching her from the bicycle and putting her in what looks like serious pain.


This one seems pretty cut and dried: The boy who was upset by the girl should not have thrown a basketball at the wheels of her bicycle, putting in her bodily danger. He also probably should not have shouted "Hey ladies!" at them. However, as The Daily News reports, the Internet is "polarized" over this video, and all must take a side.

If you're wondering how could there be a debate in what appears to be a dangerous assault, remember, this is the Internet we're talking about. It is perfectly fine with making someone a hero for knocking a girl off a bicycle, and most of the comments more complex than "LOL" reflected that.

Haha. Is this guy a 101 listener? He tries to be funny and she screams fuck you at him??? Take this bitch!

— Go Low (@onehopandstop) October 22, 2015


The New York Daily News even included a handy poll for people to register their horrible tastes:


The "girl on bike"—who was minding her business until a boy hollered at and then threw a basketball at her—registers the symphony of surprisingly few voters!


Just the tone we need for the start of a reasonable debate. As a girl whose friend was just knocked off a bicycle once said: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

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