Branding Genius Trump Has Even More Airplane Thoughts

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President Donald Trump has a long history of hilariously failed eponymous business ventures: Trump steaks, Trump vodka, Trump name it. Nevertheless, the president-slash-marketing intern has a brilliant idea for airplane manufacturer Boeing in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 passengers on board and grounded the company’s 737 Max line: How about a rebrand?


Of course! Why don’t they just fix the problem?? Folks, we’re dealing with a mega-brain super-genius here. (Previously Trump suggested the airplanes were just too darn complicated for his liking, and whined that he didn’t “want Albert Einstein to be my pilot.”)


As for the president’s (rhetorical?) question: What the hell does he know? Well, he did once manage a short-lived airline that declared bankruptcy in 1992 and has also owned private jets—a point Fox News has used as proof positive that Trump is definitely an aeronautic expert.

In any case, it’s nice to see the president of the United States take time out of his busy schedule to offer some sympathy and advice to a “suffering” multi-billion-dollar company. Truly a man of the people.

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