Brazilian beauties brawl over pageant crown

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A beauty contest in Brazil turned ugly when the runner-up ripped the crown off the head of the winner of the Miss Amazonas competition and threw it on the ground before storming off stage.


Sheislane Hayalla initially hugged her rival, Carol Toledo, when she was declared the winner. But after seeing the crown placed upon the beauty queen's head, Hayalla lunged forward and yanked it off.

The bitter beauty tossed the crown, then blew a kiss to the crowd before departing the stage. She accused Toledo of having bought the title.


The other contestants stood by with forced smiles and clapped robotically as they watched the unreal scene unfold before them. The Miss Amazonas winner goes on to compete in the national Miss Brazil competition.

In a video statement, Hayalla said, “I apologize if anyone didn’t like my attitude, but I really did what my heart told me to."

Brazilians poked fun at the incident with some playful memes featuring England's Queen Elizabeth and Brazilian ultimate fight champion Jose Aldo.

Here are a couple:


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