Brazilian motorist pulled over with live ox in the trunk of his Chevette

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In the extremely unlikely event you ever find yourself in a heated argument where you’re forced to defend the adequacies of trunk space offered in the late model three-door Chevy Chevette, here’s a small anecdote that will help sway the debate in your favor.


Behold: ox in a trunk.


While it wasn’t exactly a selling point highlighted by the car manufacturer at the time, the late ‘80s Chevette had enough trunk space for groceries, a bicycle, or — in a pinch— a live ox. Brazilian police discovered the latter cargo Monday night on a highway in the state of Rio Grande do Sur, in southern Brazil, according to Globo.

The drivers of the car, who were briefly detained for “irregular transportation” of livestock, told police they were taking the animal to their farm to fatten him up for Christmas. The young ox, meanwhile, said it never should have accepted a ride from strangers.

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