Photo by Wikipedia user Bobak Ha'Eri:
Photo by Wikipedia user Bobak Ha'Eri:

What happened at K O'Donnell's sports bar in Scottsdale, Ariz., last Friday? Either a group of people were kicked out of a bar for being too loud, or freedom of speech rights were trampled underfoot. Depends on who you ask.


Local TV station 12 News reports that a meetup organized by conservative website Breitbart News at the suburban Phoenix bar ended with police arriving and ordering the crowd of 100-150 attendees to disperse.

12 News quotes the bar's management as saying they were told the meetup was a business networking mixer, but instead turned into "a political rally with subject matter that we deemed inappropriate for the family setting that we endeavor to keep."


The bar cut off the microphone of a Breitbart writer speaking on "border issues," and shortly afterwards the police showed up, reportedly with a helicopter in tow.

Breitbart has their own version of events that more-or-less syncs up with 12 News' report, except a little more dramatic.

"Once again, PC culture was trying to silence a peaceful group of people concerned about the direction of the country."

Who knew PC culture would have such great Happy Hour specials?

Breitbart also made a video in the aftermath of their ejection. You can watch below:

A Breitbart writer reports that the conservatives, after getting kicked out of the bar, reconvened at a nearby gun club.


Angry Breitbart readers are taking out their frustration in the tradition of disgruntled diners since 2004: leaving bad reviews on Yelp.

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It's bad enough that they have a problem with Christian Conservatives shouting about gun rights and drug cartels over their speakers, but poor service? UGH! No thanks!

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