Brianna Perry is the rapper Twitter is calling the reincarnation of Biggie

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Here’s an upside of social media: You can be a rapper on the come-up whose radio morning-show freestyle suddenly goes viral because of a well-placed Tweet (coupled, of course, with some serious bars).


Here’s a downside, of course: People can retweet that forever and, if the original tweet doesn't include your name, never figure out who you are.

Who is this ?! "@auqeno: “@ATribeCalledLew: When Biggie comes back as a woman” 😩😍"

— Quan (@iObey_CJ) February 16, 2015

Let’s fix that really quick.

This heavily retweeted video comes from the Sway in the Morning show on Sirius XM's Shade 45, and yes, the artist in question does boast some of the same swagger, heft, and cadence of the late, great Biggie. It’s time to get familiar with 23-year-old Brianna Perry, from Miami!


No, she doesn’t hail from Biggie’s native Brooklyn stomping grounds, but she boasts some rap cred in her own hometown. At the age of seven (!) she scored her first deal on Trina’s record label, before, as an older teenager, winding back up on Poe Boy Music Group, the place where Flo Rida got his start before he went super pop.

Anyways, she’s on Atlantic now, and her tracks over the last couple of years seem to straddle the line between street and pop, between serious and sexy. Remember the halcyon days of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown? Brianna could bring the updated version of all that.

Here’s another reason to love Brianna — despite spending time around the music industry since elementary school, she still focused on a plan B, earning a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Miami last year.

Also? Let’s just compare her freestyle to another infamous recent one from the same morning show.

Never forget. Score one for a Brianna, a young rapper who definitely deserves the label “MC.” Check her out on Twitter at @BriannatheYRB; she’s promising new music soon.


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