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Fusion came together on Saturday to put on Ozy Fusion Fest, a day dedicated to the future of well, everything: Food, politics, inequality, music, and comedy. While it was probably the only place you’d find Karl Rove speak alongside Cory Booker alongside Malcolm Gladwell alongside chef (and first female American Iron Chef) Alex Guarnaschelli, it seemed like a huge part of the crowd was there to see creators and stars of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Because duh.


Sitting on the main stage with moderator and dope queen Phoebe Robinson, Jacobson and Glazer talked about all sorts of shit, from having Hillary Clinton on the show to Thinx (yes the period underwear) to a quick game of Marry, Fuck, Kill, but they also discussed how they’ve created a show with two dynamic women who aren’t constantly talking about their male love interests.

“Not that I never want to write something or be in something that’s about a [romantic] relationship between any two people—because that’s interesting too—but I kind of hope we always make stuff that’s more about women as characters, not as women trying to fit in as girlfriend characters in a guy’s life or in anybody’s life,” Glazer said, to a decent amount of cheering. The duo also waxed poetic about the power of female friendships.


“Female friendships are so special but it’s because you really feel your womanhood,” Glazer said. “It’s like, ‘Oh my god we have special powers’ and you don’t have to say it explicitly every time. And boys have powers too but women’s powers. Oh my god.”

“I guess when I think about it, they do feel different,” Jacobson added, comparing her female friendships to ones with dudes. “There’s a liiiittle bit more in common.”

“There’s an understanding of how women are just fucked over, I guess” Glazer said. “It’s just that extra Ugh. Oy. That women are living with and it’s just nice to connect on.”

And you wonder why Broad City feels like the story of your life.  Speaking of communal womanhood insights, Glazer clearly had a spiritual experience when she went to see Beyoncé in concert as evidenced by the way she gushed over Queen Bey.


“It honestly hurts. She’s so powerful," she raved. "You have to give a piece of yourself to her. It was so insane, it was so bananas.”

Sounds about right, girl.

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