via Bruno Mars on Facebook

Has Bruno Mars been taking a page from your abuelita’s novelas? The whole plot of the video for his new single, “Gorilla,” reads like a super – pero super – dramatic Spanish soap opera. There are fighting strippers in a dressing room! Creepy men lording over them in the club! Luscious eyelashes and lips!

And of course, Bruno comes to save the day with his sultry singing and playing. Dude is looking and sounding more like a Prince protégé every day, with a rare combination of raw soul and pop perfection. Plus he co-directed the clip himself alongside Cameron Duddy. It also stars Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire fame. It all adds up to hotness.

Side note: Mars debuted the video on Facebook – you have to view it as a post there. It’s an interesting new feature on the site, #NowPlaying, that's essentially a hashtag meant specifically to debut new videos.

Meh to that, really. Facebook still has a huge reach, but it’s on the wane, and most fans will likely go straight to sites like YouTube or VEVO to watch full videos. More interesting would be a sneak peak via Instagram video.


Post by Bruno Mars.

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