Bryce Harper can't pronounce 'memes.' Who cares?!

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Bryce Harper is a 23-year-old baseball player on the Washington Nationals. He's very good at playing baseball. He was just unanimously declared the National League MVP for 2015.


After winning, Harper did an interview with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, where he mispronounced the word "memes."


Yep, he definitely pronounced it "meh-mays," or maybe "may-mays."

The linguistic slip up came after Van Pelt asked whether or not Harper would prefer to be bald or never have another season where he hit double-digit home runs again. It was a clown question. Harper said he "didn't even want to answer" because he could imagine all the memes of him bald, which were promptly made. But he also said memes a weird way. Here's a video of the full question and response.

Y'know what? Who cares?!!

Apparently the internet, and the press. Harper's comment has been picked up by the sports press, and the rest of the press, too, including the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles TimesHarper "butchers" the word, he "fails" at it, he says it "hilariously wrong."


Why? Who cares? I know how to pronounce meme because I'm a blogger who spends most of my day staring at a computer as my body withers and what's left of my dignity almost visibly sloughs off me. Bryce Harper doesn't need to know how to pronounce meme, because he's a big baseball man. He knows what they are; he's birthed one before. Give him a break. Language changes and evolves, and sometimes people just say things wrong.

Trust me: I'm a (2015 National League Champion) Mets fan, and I hate Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals just as much as the next (2015 National League Champion) Met fan. But this is fine, it's kind of endearing. Chill.


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