Bush Family Promises Trump Everyone Will Be Nice to Him at the Funeral

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Despite years of extremely petty acrimony between the Bush and Trump clans, America’s two worst conservative families have reportedly reached detente this week.

According to multiple reports, family and friends of George H.W. Bush have promised the Trump administration that the former president’s funeral proceedings will not include any swipes at the current administration, in spite of the many, many, many public slights between the two camps over the years.

Per Politico:

Even though Bush family members have “a lot of angst” about Trump, they are “unbelievably respectful of the office of the president” and the funeral “is not a political event,” said a former senior Bush 41 White House staffer and a close friend of Bush.


And in the Washington Post, a person described as being among those “familiar with the funeral preparations” explained that the former president “wouldn’t want anyone there to feel uncomfortable, including the incumbent president.” God forbid a bad man be made to feel bad while hearing about the life and accomplishments of another bad man.

H.W. Bush’s funeral preparations stand in stark contrasts with fellow departed Trump foe Sen. John McCain, whose funeral appeared to go out of its way to exclude or minimize the president.


Notably, Trump—who will attend, but not speak at, Wednesday’s ceremony—did not join mourners for former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral this past April. Bush had previously called Trump a “showman” and a “comedian” adding in a separate interview that she was “sick of him.” (The White House even fucked up the condolences press release.)

Trump himself has seemingly embraced the olive branch, tweeting on Tuesday morning that he was “looking forward to being with the wonderful Bush family.”


I suppose that when all is said and done, it’s nice to know that the death of an awful person can inspire a bunch of awful people to pretend that another awful person is marginally less awful. That’s progress, folks!