Cadillac disavows advertising casting call for an 'alt-right' role

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Cadillac was forced to issue a retraction after a casting call for an upcoming advertisement asked for "any and all REAL Alt-Right believers and thinkers." The ad was described as a "beautifully artistic spot that is captureing [sic] all walks of life in America.… This is not meant to be offensive in anyway [sic]. Just a representation of all sides."


In a statement posted to its Facebook page Saturday, Cadillac said it had never authorized the ad and transferred blame to its casting agency.

It a statement posted to its Facebook page, the agency, called The Cast Station, apologized and said the employee who posted the unauthorized draft had been fired.


If you've been under a rock this year, the "alt-right" is the preferred term of neo-nazis and white nationalists, many of whom see Donald Trump as "their" president.

As Gizmodo's Matt Novak pointed out, it certainly seems like whoever drafted the casting call knew that seeking "Alt-Right believers and thinkers" was at the very least controversial.


But you can't deny it would be "beautifully artistic" to see all Americans, alt-right believers and non-believers, standing together in a union, selling Cadillacs to each other.

Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.

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