Cain NOT Able???

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Pizza man, accused sexual predator, and failed presidential candidate Herman Cain will likely not be confirmed to sit on the Federal Reserve board of governors, after North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer became the fourth GOP senator to say he opposes Cain’s nomination.


“If I had to vote right now, there’s no way I could vote for” Cain, Cramer told reporters on Thursday, joining fellow Republicans Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner, and Lisa Murkowski in voicing their opposition to Cain’s nomination. With four of the 53 Republicans senators committed to voting against him, it appears unlikely that Cain’s nomination could reach the 51 votes necessary.

President Donald Trump officially confirmed he would nominate Cain to the Fed just one week ago, after months of rumors that he was considering the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO for the spot. Trump has also nominated partisan hack Stephen Moore for a second Fed spot, despite Moore allegedly owing the IRS approximately $75,000 in unpaid taxes.

For Cain, however, it seems his history of sexual harassment allegations was enough for at least one GOP defector to come out against his nomination.

“It’s hard for me to get over the harassment allegations from the past,” Cramer told reporters, according to the Hill. “His showmanship doesn’t bother me, his business experience I think is great, simplifying the tax code is fine by me, but character still does matter.”

“I know more things about him that would keep him out than would get him in,” he added.

Despite the seemingly fatal opposition to Cain’s nomination, the White House is standing by its nominee for the time being. Asked whether Trump was backing Cain during a presentation for the Hill’s Newsmaker Series on Thursday, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow answered, “Yes, we are, at the moment,” before adding that “he’s in the vetting process, we will see how that turns out.”


Yes, we sure will.

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