California Planned Parenthood fire being investigated as arson

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According to police, a fire at a Planned Parenthood location in Thousand Oaks, Ca. is being investigated as arson.


Ventura City firefighters put out the blaze early Thursday after responding to the building's fire alarm around 11:30 p.m. local time Wednesday. According to investigators, one of the windows at the building was "smashed in and an accelerant was thrown inside," Venture County sheriff's department's Capt. John Reilly told the Los Angeles Times.

Reilly said that the location, which was host to a pro-life demonstration in August, was vandalized about six weeks ago.


Ventura County detective Tim Loman told NBC 4 LA that gasoline was smelled on the scene and the alleged arson was likely politically motivated.

"An incident like this, obviously they're trying to get a point across—whatever that point might be," Lohman told the TV station. "Our job is to make sure the community is safe."

The Ventura County Fire Department said the building suffered moderate water damage and the sprinkler system extinguished the fire. Investigators are examining surveillance footage and whether any threats were made against the location.

Earlier this week, the state of Missouri cleared the organization of any wrongdoing in an investigation of its handling of fetal tissue, as depicted in a series of videos released this summer. In an interview with CNN last night, David Daleiden, who produced the videos for the Center for Medical Progress, told Chris Cuomo that the video used a stillborn fetus, because "it's the same baby whether it's born dead or alive."


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