Can a socialist president live in a mansion like White House? Sure, it's just public housing, Bernie Sanders says

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Bernie Sanders tackled everything from sexual assault on college campuses and healthcare reform to tuition-free education and gun control at the Iowa Brown and Black Forum in Des Moines Monday night. But he also answered some fun dumb stuff, too!

In case you missed it, here are the Democratic presidential hopeful's answers to moderators' rapid-fire questions that closed his portion of the Forum.


Does Bernie know any Polish (his dad was born in Poland)?

"Unless 'no' is a Polish word, I can't."

Who's Bernie's favorite fictional president?


"The guy in the movie The American President," aka Michael Douglas.

Is it off-brand for a socialist president to live in a mansion like the White House?


"I would consider it more like public housing."

Would President Bernie agree to pay off Puerto Rico's $17 billion debt?


Sanders said he would "stand up to the Wall Street thugs who want to see schools closed down and healthcare diminished in Puerto Rico" and "negotiate a repayment that is fair and not simply what Wall Street wants."

What's America making progress faster on: racism or sexism?


"Sexism… I would say we have made more progress on women's rights." Well, at least white women's rights.

How much do you have to earn to be rich?


"I would say people who make $250 thousand are doing all right."

What state likes Bernie the least?


"Washington, D.C."


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.

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