Bari Weiss, everyone’s favorite New York Times op-ed columnist, had a real head-scratcher today.

This is confusing because Mirai Nagasu is very much not an American immigrant. She is from California, so Bari....wha???

Oh, here’s an explanation.

Remember this commitment to accuracy the next time you read a Bari Weiss op-ed.

Weiss was not done. She moved swiftly into the best part of any meltdown—tweeting through it!


Yes, it’s a sign of the apocalypse when elite writers are called out on their bad tweets. How dare people tell Bari Weiss it’s weird to hail an American girl’s parents for procreating in America, knowing that one day, decades later, she might be at the Olympics? What if her parents had NOT had sex that fateful night????

And now it’s over.


Thanks Bari.

Update, 7:19 PM: The plot thickens!!!


The more I think about Weiss’ tweets the more unhinged they become—especially her final defense of them. She invented an entire explanation for her tweet that was nowhere to be found in the original posting, then castigated people for having the gall to call her out for her nonsense, then hyped up seemingly non-existent death threats! And all in a couple of hours. Sometimes the world is good to us. This will never stop being funny, at least until Weiss writes yet another column about being silenced from her perch in that little-known venue, the New York Times.