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We’re big fans of Ed and Brian Krassenstein’s particular brand of #Resistance-tweeting weirdness on this website, so of course it falls to me to document one of these brothers’ latest oddball moment online.

On Sunday night, Ed Krassenstein tweeted (and has since deleted):

At first (and second) blush, this would seem to be a message fantasizing about Donald Trump eventually going to prison for his various crimes (fine), taking a shower in prison (danger Will Robinson), and uh.....having a bunch of incarcerated Or something worse? Pretty weird!

To either your delight or disgust, Krassenstein was weird-tweeting through it on Monday morning, floating other bizarre visions of the Trump family in prison:

I would still love to hear Krassenstein explain his deleted tweet, and have reached out to ask him why he decided to take it down after all. I’ll update this post if he gets back to me, but for now, you too can be left with these horrifying images in your mind’s eye.

Update, 11:40 p.m. ET: Mere moments after I published this post, Krassenstein published a Twitter “THREAD” explaining why he deleted the tweet, which he said was “absolutely not” a joke about prison rape. Whatever you say, man!!


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