Can someone throw a mystery item into an active volcano for this guy on the internet?

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On Monday evening, on MetaFilter's job board, someone posted an ad for a job. A very important job, in fact. It's a one-off gig, for someone who can "[p]lease throw an item into an active volcano for me."


The request was posted by MetaFilter user popechunk, a 46-year-old self-described "UNIX dude" from the notably volcano-less city of Austin, Texas. The ad reads:

If you live near an active volcano, and are willing to help someone out, I'd like to mail you a small item (and some USD to cover your expenses), and have you video yourself putting that item in molten lava for me.

* this is not a joke
* I'm not trying to get anyone to break any laws.
* it's a very small object that would not harm a volcano
* thank you

location: Proximal to Volcano
payscale: $0-$40

I have so many questions: What is the item? How small is small? Why not a larger item, that could be more fun? Why does it need to be videotaped? What items would harm a volcano? Is this a viral marketing for a sequel to Joe Versus The Volcano? Is this a hoax? Why does the scale go from $0 to $40? What would represent, say, a $5 toss into a volcano, versus a $40 toss? While we're at it: Is $40 dollars a reasonable amount to pay someone to place something in a volcano? What is the going rate for such a task? Is this the future of work?


I've reached out to popechunk to see if he'll tell me more and I'll update this story if he gets back to me.

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