The Big Bay Boom is a 4th of July fireworks show that has been happening in San Diego since 2001. However, chances are you're only passingly familiar with it because of the 2012 iteration of the event that did not go according to plan.

Due to a computer glitch, the entire cache of over 7,000 fireworks exploded in less than a minute. A 17-minute show had been planned. It was glorious.

Here's a close up of the festivities and the really laid-back crowd that features some very loud audio.

Those two videos quickly exploded on YouTube, earning over 8 million views; frankly, that seems low. It was a very popular story because of videos like the two above as well as pictures like this one from Instagram.

Miraculously, no one was injured in this mishap. The presenters promised to do another show for free in the future and the Big Bay Boom is scheduled to kick off at 9pm this Independence Day. In case you're concerned about a repeat performance, you'll be able to watch safely on TV on Fox 5 San Diego. Happy 4th!

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