Can You Imagine More Than Four Kinds of Pie? Meghan McCain Can't.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Meghan McCain got married on a Tuesday, according to People magazine? Okay! There were bones on the wedding cake? Whatever!


An interesting “tid bit” from this exclusive:

The 33-year-old—who moved up her wedding date amid her father’s battle with brain cancer—was also inspired to include an elaborate pie bar because of the six-term Arizona senator’s affinity for apple pie.

“He loves pie more than anything,” she says. “I was just like any kind of pie you can imagine, make sure we have.”

Wedding planner Jim Bullock of Sedona’s Events by Showstoppers tells PEOPLE that they offered apple pie, berry, chocolate and Meghan’s favorite: pecan pie made from Arizona pecans infused with bourbon. Each dessert was mounded high to create an “abstract, real bubbly” look, says Bullock.

Now I ask you: Can you imagine more than four kinds of pie?

Senior editor, Jezebel