Canada's best-selling Ruffles flavor is an abomination and it's coming to the U.S.

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If you've ever traveled abroad, you know that things can get really weird really fast when it comes to chip flavors. Europe has a thing with paprika; the Chinese dig spicy hot.

As it turns out, the most ungodly flavor can be found just across the northern border.

Brand Eating points us to the news that Canada's best-selling Ruffles flavor is something called "All Dressed," and this week, they were introduced in the U.S. to compete with America's best-selling flavor, sour cream and onion.


What does "All Dressed" taste like? The bag appears to give us some helpful hints: salt, red pepper, and onion. Seems reasonable:

This bag is basically full of lies.

One person on Amazon, Brand Eating observes, describes the flavor as rather "a mixture of barbecue, sour cream and cheddar, and salt and vinegar chips all rolled into one."


Ruffles itself says the flavor is "hard to describe" but "unlike anything you've tasted."

This literally sounds like the infamous origin story of Canada's best-selling dish, poutine


"What is it?"

"Uh it's got, you know, French fries…gravy…cheese…"

"Did you literally just throw all the leftovers in your fridge into a bowl and microwave them?"



For now, PepsiCo (which owns Ruffles) says "All Dressed" will only be available through the first week in December. We pray they manage to disappear well before that.


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