Caption This Cursed Image

Hey, even former FBI directors and chinless First Boys have awkward run-ins from time to time!! Such is the case today for Special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr., whose fates intertwined this morning at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Politico shared this absolutely haunted snapshot (embedded above) from gate 35X.


So awkward right???? Yikes!!!!! Do you think anyone tested the waters with a *cough* Russia *cough* collusion *cough* joke? How would you caption this insanely uncomf airport mome?

We’ll kick things off.

-The Gates of Hell

-Emotional Baggage Claim

-In-terminal-y Bad

-Shits Passing in the Flight

-Snakes on a Plane

-Waiting for God No

-Don Air

-Vile High Club

-Prognosis: Terminal

-Flight Club

-Flight of the valKillMes

-The Depraved-iators

-Maverick and Goose

-Air Force….DONE

-Don Voyage

OK now it’s your turn!! Please take your wit and wordplay to comments and sound the fuck off. Winner gets a gym selfie from Donj himself.

Social Editor, Splinter