Car bomb, house explosion rock solar energy campaign in Louisiana

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The home and two cars of a campaign finance director for a pro-solar energy candidate running for Louisiana's utility regulatory board were blown up Thursday.

No one was injured in the explosions, and authorities have yet to established a direct link between the apparent attacks and the campaign's efforts to promote solar energy, according to local station WWL.

But the ATF is assisting in the investigation of the incidents, according to The finance director targeted, Mario Zervigon, a well known political operative in the state, is taking a break from campaigning for candidate Forest Bradley-Wright.


Bradley-Wright is campaigning on a program that allows Louisiana solar-panel users to continue to sell their excess electricity to utility companies. He is facing incumbent Eric Skrmetta, who seeks a cap on how much electricity solar customers can sell. They are competing in a run-off election for a seat on Louisiana's Public Service Commission, which sets electricity rates in the state. Bradley-Wright has received most of his campaign funds from the solar industry, according to WWL.

Skrmetta quickly distanced himself from the apparent attack and expressed his solidarity with his opponent's campaign.

The run-off vote will take place Dec. 6.

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