Cashier fends off sword-wielding teens with a much bigger sword

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A Pittsburgh-area convenience store owner recently clapped back at a pair of teens attempting to hold his store up at machete-point with an edged weapon of his own: a scimitar. The two masked teens stormed into the Perry Market located in the Homewood West neighborhood late Friday evening just as the owner was closing up shop for the night.


When the would-be robbers demanded that the owner empty the cash register, he drew a much larger weapon of his own and promptly chased the pair out of the store and down the street for a few blocks. The entire priceless ordeal ordeal was caught on surveillance footage and yes, it’s every bit as glorious as you might expect.

"So my brother was lying down here and he had his sword, so he just removed his sword and attacked him," M.C. Hydare, the store owner's brother, recounted to WPXI. "Don't try this; you can [get] money in a better way."


Lesson of the day: scimitar > knife.

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