Catholic Church in Mexico issues a scorching condemnation of anyone who helps Trump build his wall

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Any Mexican who helps build President Donald Trump's proposed border wall separating the United States from Mexico should be considered "traitors to the motherland," according to the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico.

The scathing indictment came as part of an editorial published in the church's "Desde la fe" online newsletter on Sunday. The church decried those in Mexico who would "collaborate with a fanatical project that annihilates the good relationship" between Mexico and the U.S.

"Joining a project that is a grave affront to dignity, is to shoot yourself in the foot," the archdiocese wrote, adding that "the wall is a monument of intimidation and silence."


"Any company intent on investing in the wall of the Trump fanatic would be immoral," the editorial concluded. "But above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered as traitors to the motherland."

A representative for the archdiocese confirmed to Reuters that the editorial reflects its official view.

The attack on Trump's wall comes several weeks after Mexican construction corporation Cemex said it would provide building materials for the wall's construction, "if one of our clients requests a quote." Cemex, as CNN notes, is heavily invested in the United States already, with 28% of its revenue coming from the U.S, as opposed to just 20% from Mexico.

The archdiocese's editorial is just the latest in a series of criticisms leveled against the Trump administration by church officials and groups. Earlier this year, Dominican Sister Donna Markham, president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA condemned Trump's ongoing immigration crackdown, of which the proposed border wall is a crucial part.


"Pope Francis has urged people not to close the door on migrants and refugees," Sister Markham told the Catholic News Service. "In concert with the Holy Father, we believe we must move from attitudes of defensiveness and fear to acceptance, compassion and encounter."

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