CBS Decides Not to Take Immediate Action on Les Moonves

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After the latest Ronan Farrow investigation for The New Yorker outed CBS CEO Les Moonves as an alleged sexual abuser, the company has decided to not punish Moonves immediately, according to the New York Times.

The Times says that CBS told media it was “in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation.” But after a regularly scheduled call with the board of directors, CBS had not taken any action against Moonves. “No other action was taken on this matter at today’s board meeting,” they said in a statement.

“It’s shortsighted and cowardly of the board,” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at the Yale School of Management told the Times. “They think they’re showing courage on behalf of the C.E.O., but they’re just circling the wagons right now.”


According to the Times, Moonves makes more than $69 million annually. If he was to be fired without being found guilty of these accusations, the company would owe him an exit package of $184 million.

Farrow’s article detailed allegations against Moonves that included him “violently kissing” and pinning down actress Illeana Douglas in 1997. He also reportedly asked for sexual favors from multiple women, and retaliated against him when they refused.

“He should pre-empt the investigation and step aside,” Sonnenfeld told the Times. “Propositioning your own employees is not acceptable, now or then. And who knows what else will come up?”

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