Ceci n'est pas une First Lady

Image: Jim Cooke/GMG. Photos: Getty/Shutterstock
Image: Jim Cooke/GMG. Photos: Getty/Shutterstock

“All his presentiments had come true. All that he had dreaded and surmised was coming to pass in reality. His breath failed him, his head was in a whirl. The stranger, also in his coat and hat, was sitting before him on his bed, and with a faint smile, screwing up his eyes, nodded to him in a friendly way. Mr. Golyadkin wanted to scream, but could not—to protest in some way, but his strength failed him. His hair stood on end, and he almost fell down with horror. And, indeed, there was good reason. He recognised his nocturnal visitor. The nocturnal visitor was no other than himself—Mr. Golyadkin himself, another Mr. Golyadkin, but absolutely the same as himself—in fact, what is called a double in every respect...”

— Dostoevsky, The Double

A man who sells weed and weed-adjacent products offers us a provocative theory:

He goes deeper:


And deeper still:

What does it mean to be one’s self? We have reached out to the White House for comment and will update this post should we hear back.

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