Christmas is the sexiest time of year: Snow on the ground, fire in the hearth, radio playing "Santa, Baby." Stop baking. Time to put on your hooded red velvet santa suit with the short skirt.

What's that you say? Christmas is for ugly sweaters? Incorrect. Christmas is for red knee-high boots. Christmas is for cleavage. Christmas is for come-hither looks. At least, that's the lesson we learned from this Christmas music album art.

These are the 12 best sultry Christmas album covers:

What says Christmas more than a leotard and thigh-high socks?


We call this look "deconstructed sexy Santa in red-hot heels."

© Parlophone/Warner Bros.

An important thing to do on Christmas: Bask in the the glory of your incredibly sparkly legs.


Sexy-cute. (Mariah, give us that puppy!)


Snuggly can be sexy, too.

All I want for Christmas is a big, big belt.


Christmas disco is "joyous," and requires a very short skirt.

Whoa, is there such a thing as too sexy at Christmas? Ribbons are not clothing. They're not even lingerie.


More disco, now with tinsel tops.


Ice skates and little fur-trimmed dresses bring all the boys to the rink.

Christina's kind of Christmas: The midriff-baring kind.


A sexy Merry Christmas to us all!

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.