Chance the Rapper just did something amazing for Chicago Public Schools

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Chance the Rapper is probably the biggest booster on Earth for the city of Chicago these days, and now he's making a big move to help his beloved hometown.

Just one week after meeting with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, Chance held a press conference on Monday at Chicago's Wescott Elementary School to announce that he would be donating a cool million bucks to the city's public school system.


Chance is hardly a stranger to Chicago politics, having grown up the son of one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's top advisers. Nevertheless, his announcement on Monday comes as part of a dedicated push by the hip-hop superstar to carve a uniquely education-focused niche in his hometown.


During his Monday afternoon press conference, Chance criticized Rauner's budget proposal for the school district, after the governor vetoed a $250 million dollar funding plan for CPS. Chance voiced similar frustrations following his March 3 meeting with Rauner, saying it "went a little different than it should have," and complaining that the governor gave him "vague" answers when pressed about school funding.

.@chancetherapper leaves meeting with @GovRauner apparently disappointed with "vague answers."

— Amanda Vinicky (@AmandaVinicky) March 3, 2017

Shortly after his meeting with Rauner, though, Chance tweeted an optimistic message about the future of Chicago's public schools, hinting at more to come.

In addition to Chance's $1 million donation, the rapper announced that his Social Works nonprofit organization would donate an additional $10,000 to individual schools for every $100,000 raised through the group.


As he closed his press conference, Chance made it clear what he expected to come out of his massive donation: political action to benefit the children of Chicago's public school system.

Repeating a message he's given several times in the past week, Chance addressed Gov. Rauner directly, telling him simply, "Do your job."