Channing Tatum Spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme's Truck Split

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

While filming 22 Jump Street, Channing Tatum did exactly what anyone would do when they have some down time: he made a parody of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo ad. You know, the one where he did a split in jeans between two freaking trucks.


Only in C-Tat's version, the trucks are replaced with 22 Jump Street food carts and the ending is a little more realistic.


The video accurately mimics Van Damme’s vocal tone, pacing and camera zoom. It even opens with his “I’ve had my ups and downs” line. And who can forget Enya? Because of course Enya. Enya forever.

Also, kudos to Tatum for wearing protective knee pads. Way to promote responsibility and safety, bro.

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