Chelsea Manning made a second suicide attempt after being punished for her first one

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Jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning made a second, previously undisclosed suicide attempt in October, the New York Times reported on Friday.

Manning's lawyer, Chase Strangio, told the paper that she had tried to take her own life after being placed in solitary confinement as punishment for a previous suicide attempt in July. Solitary confinement has been described as a modern-day form of torture.

Strangio also issued a statement about the news. "She has repeatedly been punished for trying to survive and now is being repeatedly punished for trying to die," the statement read in part. "I worry about the sustainability of her current condition and her ability to keep fighting under these relentless abuses."


In a document provided to the Times, Manning was listed as having made the attempt on October 4, at the start of her period of confinement. She was then placed on a suicide watch for for a week.

Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks. The material she exposed formed the basis of major investigations by news outlets around the world and revealed a wide range of information about American foreign policy. She has been battling her jailers on many fronts. As a trans woman, she waged a years-long campaign to be given gender reassignment surgery—something the military finally agreed to do in September after she went on a hunger strike. Even so, the military refused to let her grow her hair longer, insisting that she adhere to the standards imposed on men.

In a post on Medium in August, she thanked her supporters from around the world:

One thing I’ve had to learn to remember, is that there are thousands of people all over the world thinking about me every day. Knowing that does help me get through my day. It helps me to get up in the morning, and it helps me have the strength go through this routine that has become my life.

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