Chicago Gay Hockey Association Performs "All I Want For Christmas"

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It’s December, so that means it’s official National ‘That Mariah Carey Christmas Song’ Month.


Here’s a cute rendition of Mrs. Nick Cannon’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” courtesy of the Chicago Gay Hockey Association. It’s nice and sweet in a predictable way considering we have eyes and ears and are rational human beings.


Shout out to the goalie who has vocal talents more akin to you and me and the general population.

Oh, and the video is not just the YouTube equivalent of a pine-scented holiday wreath. The association posted the below message with the video, and you know what? It’s makes you feel good about humanity.

“We want you to put aside your differences. And to spend some time getting closer to your family and friends. If you take a step back and look, you may surprise yourself with how much you have in common with people. The person next to you on the train could become your best friend. After all, aren't we all just looking for love? Don't forget to laugh a little. And sing a little. Happy Holidays y'all!”

Happy freaking holidays.

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