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Friends, come stare into the inky black void of existence with me, and ponder a universe full of cosmic horrors, unfathomable mystery, and these tweets from popular restaurant chain Chili’s.

Let’s meet our cast of characters, shall we?

Andrew Bates and Zach Hudson: Staffers at David Brock’s liberal American Bridge Super PAC.


Dallas Woodhouse: The executive director of the North Carolina GOP, which is increasingly implicated in some serious election fraud in the state’s 9th Congressional District.

Chili’s: Famed meat purveyors and three-part harmony enthusiasts.

Okay, let’s see The Tweets:


But before you get mad at the Brand for getting all controversial with the take that “election fraud is bad,” Chili’s social media manager quickly righted this obviously egregious wrong:


Enjoying some cooked meat (or a vegetarian/vegan alternative) is in NO WAY political. Got that, America? Barbecue sauce.

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