Chilling Virginia Political Ad Shows Republican Trying to Run Over Kids of Color

In the past, a campaign ad featuring a Confederate flag-waving pickup truck running down a group of young children would have seemed alarmist.


Unfortunately, post-Charlottesville and Muslim ban, a new minute-long campaign spot for the Virginia governor’s race seems all too plausible.

Produced by the Eva Longoria-founded Latino Victory Project, the commercial captures the fear and panic of a group of children—black, Muslim, and Latinx— are chased by a mostly-hidden man driving a huge truck festooned with conservative symbols. Just as the children are about to be run down, they each awake in a panic, as the ad pointedly asks: “Is this what Donald Trump and [Republican candidate] Ed Gillespie mean by the ‘American Dream?’”

The ad is something of a response to an earlier spot by Gillespie, which made blatantly racist insinuations about Democratic candidate Ralph Northam and the MS-13 street gang.

While the governor’s race has seemed close in recent weeks, a new poll on Monday showed Northam pulling ahead with a 17 point lead.