Chipotle says we won't be back at full carnitas until at least this winter

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Chipotle announced its earnings for the second quarter Tuesday, and its carnitas crisis appears to be having a material impact on the company's finances.

Revenue growth is slowing, and in-store traffic fell slightly. And, according to company officials, the fate of the company's finances for the rest of the year could depend on restoration of carnitas.

Unfortunately, full carnitas restoration might not occur until Q4. At the earliest.


The carnitas crisis began in January, when the company found one of its largest pork suppliers to be in violation of its animal welfare standards.

Since then, about a third of its restaurants have gone without the protein. The results can be seen in this map, first Tweeted by Business Insider's Ashley Lutz, showing which states still have access to cost-efficient carnitas suppliers who meet Chipotle's standards.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The map comes from a page on the company's site dedicated exclusively to explaining the carnitas situation.


"When faced with a choice between serving conventional pork in some of our restaurants or nothing at all, we chose to not serve carnitas at all," the company says.

Shares in the company were up a little over 1% in after-hours trading.

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